ethereum links

This list is currently quite out of date, fair warning to whoever stumbles upon it…


General Information
Developer Resources
Developer Tutorials

General Information

Ethereum Docs
Ethereum Blog
Ethereum Whitepaper
Ethereum Wiki on github
Eth News
Ethereum subreddit
B9lab Ethereum developer course
Ethereum 101
Ethereum Foundation Youtube channel
What is Ethereum – blockgeeks
Reading guide on Ethereum
Another list of links
Beginner’s guide to Ethereum
Ethereum Developer: Build A Decentralised Blockchain App Udemy course
Learn Ethereum Blockchain & Smart Contracts within 1 Hour Udemy course
Learn Solidity: Programming Language for Smart Contracts Udemy course
An Introduction to Ethereum and Smart Contracts: Bitcoin & The Blockchain (part 1 of 3) from Auth0
An Introduction to Ethereum and Smart Contracts: a Programmable Blockchain (part 2 of 3) from Auth0


Ethereum Foundation
Enterprise Ethereum Alliance


Coinbase buy online with bank funds or credit card
My Ether Wallet online Ethereum wallet
Ether Cards physical Ethereum address cards
Ethereum Network Stats
Raiden Network Generalized Lightning Network-like payment channel layer on top of Ethereum
MetaMask Ethereum chrome plugin
Infura Ethereum client and IPFS node
Etherscan Blockchain Explorer
Online conversion of Ether units
State of the Dapps list of dapps and their status
Ethereum Jobs Board


Ethereum: Blockchains, Digital Assets, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
Mastering Ethereum: Building Smart Contracts and Dapps
Introducing Ethereum and Solidity: Foundations of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Programming for Beginners
Ethereum Programming

Developer Resources

Ethereum Github
Solidity Docs
Ethereum Stack Exchange
Hudson giant Ethereum resource list
Browser Solidity IDE Solidity in-browser IDE
Ether Camp hub for in-browser Solidity IDE through (account needed)
Truffle Ethereum dev framework site
Truffle Ethereum Solidity IDE
Truffle docs
Truffle React Redux Starter kit
Dapple Ethereum Solidity IDE
Dapple docs
Populus another Ethereum contract framework
Ethereum package for Atom IDE
Ether Atom another atom plugin
IntelliJ Solidity plugin
Solidity extension for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE
BlockApps Development Platform
TestRPC Node.js Ethereum client for testing and developing
Embark github Framework for Ethereum and Dapp development
Embark site Homepage with install instructions for Embark
Solium Solidity linter
My Ether Wallet Github
Geth command line options
Vagrant Ethereum Box
Ethereum Name System
Standard Contract API
ERC-20 token standard
ERC-20 token implementation
Zeppelin secure solidity framework
Eth-devchain a quick and dirty private Ethereum testnet

Developer Tutorials

GitHub eBook on Ethereum Tips and Tutorials
Hitchhikers Guide to Smart Contracts in Ethereum a great place for devs to get started
Dapps for beginners
Building an Ethereum Dapp
Creating a private testnet with geth
Monax list of solidity tutorials
Smart contract programming for noobs
Learn Solidity in 60 minutes
Beginning Ethereum
Lightning network in 2 pages of solidity
Gamble channels state channels for games
Building a fun Ethereum game
Lessons learned making a chess game on Ethereum
Getting started with Infura Infura and Web3.js tutorial
Setup and run an Ethereum private network with geth
Creating a private testnet chain
The future of dapps programming with lightwallets and infura
Create private key and address pair on the command line
Full stack hello world voting dapp tutorial
How to create a token factory


Ethereum Wallet and Mist GUI wallet and Dapp browser
Parity Ethereum node optimized for IoT by Ethcore
Geth Ethereum client written in Golang, also called go-ethereum, this is the most popular client
Eth Ethereum client written in C++, also called cpp-ethereum
EthereumJS Ethereum Javascript client and modules
EthereumJ Ethereum Java client
Eth Embedded putting Ethereum clients on microcomputers like Raspberry Pi
Quorum permissioned Ethereum implementation


Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet