The Case for Immortality – Some practical reasons why we ought to extend human healthspan and lifespan

The first lifeforms were immortal. Even today a significant fraction of our biomass, the symmetrically dividing bacteria, are still immortal. Aging evolved early on as an evolutionary strategy optimizing various trade-offs for spreading genes. Despite our preconceived notions, it is not some fundamental natural law that all life must eventually grow old and die. Different… Continue reading

Nakamoto Village and the Social Fabric of Machines

A fanciful then philosophical discussion of blockchain technology with implications for the machine-to-machine economy Nakamoto Village Across the ocean of impossible depths and beyond the beach of fractal sands lies the imaginary town of Nakamoto Village. Like most towns, the denizens of Nakamoto Village have a system of accounting for the goods and services they… Continue reading

Ethereum Lightning Network and Beyond

This post is about building payment channels (like the Bitcoin Lightning Network) on Ethereum. I cover some motivations for payment channels, a brief non-technical description of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, and the massive benefits and potential of building payment channels on Ethereum. This post is more for the general reader, it is not a technical… Continue reading

Honesty Is Never Rewarded

Honesty is never rewarded and dishonesty, in the rare cases when discovered, is always quickly forgotten Dishonesty and Society If honesty were rewarded then we wouldn’t need to make it a virtue. People would seek to be honest for self serving reasons. The problem is that being dishonest can always get you more, whether you… Continue reading

Why Should You Use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin brings a variety of advantages to different actors in the global economy. Many people don’t know anything about these advantages because they still see Bitcoin through the tarnished lens of media hyped stories about drug money and cyber crime. This post explores some of the benefits to using Bitcoin for the various actors in… Continue reading